Memorial Garden Project

We work with the community to create memorial gardens to honor loved ones, provide a connection with nature, and develop long-lasting skills. We build gardens inspired by the lives of people who have died while planning and designing a low maintenance garden. Every project is personalized and based on the life we're honoring. We strive to build more awareness programs and services for the families experiencing grief

Am I eligible?

The only requirement for receiving a Memorial Garden is that you have experienced the death of a loved one. We recommend that you are at least 6 months out of your loss. The grieving process is different for everyone so there is no limit on how many years away from your loss you are. 

Participating in a Memorial Garden can help you find hope, promote healing, and alleviate feelings of isolation. However, we are NOT a substitute for individual grief counseling, therapy, or grief support groups.

Start thinking about how you want your loved one to be remembered. Research your growing zone, what types of plants would you like?  


Remembering the legacy of your loved one will allow you to plan your garden with Mourning Thymes. Once a garden is drafted a staff member will work with the family to help raise funds, develop a budget, and design your personal garden.  Most gardens will range from $100 - $500.


We help all families create fundraising pages and assist in the effort.

Who will be at my event?

You may choose to only invite immediate family and close friends or have it open to the community. In the case of a community event, we will invite our network of volunteers to come out and support your event.


Each Comfort Project should have a facilitator. We are happy to provide a facilitator or you can pick someone you know to lead the day. Don't worry, we'll give them all the tools they need!


Are you eligible?

Most Comfort projects are open events and we welcome anyone to come out and volunteer. You do not need to have known the person we're honoring to participate! 

​We always looking for new organizations to partner with.

We bring dedicated and energetic volunteers to all of our events. ​

​​What you can expect as a volunteer?


  • A full, hands-on, energetic day.

  • An experience talking about grief that is non-threatening and community-oriented.

  • Connecting with new people and like-minded individuals who are interested in volunteering.

  • Supporting someone else on their grief journey, while volunteering for a great cause, can be a life-altering event.

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