Green Burial Committee

Our group will focus on green burials, cost-friendly funerals, and cemetery preservation. We will have monthly meetings to discuss ways to obtain land, event planning and other ways to promote green living. We share ideas and resources and support others on this path through meetings and training workshops.



Make recommendations concerning issues and policies involving burials.

Make recommendations on cemetery preservation, green burial practices, and green cemeteries.

Make recommendations concerning other funeral/burial matters.

Reasons for Committee Meetings

Information giving and receiving



Decision making

Social and inspirational

Therapeutic – Response to a green initiative


​Do’s and Don'ts of Committee Meetings

Be courteous to all members.

Always deal with the issue or problem at hand.

Develop a kind, trusting relationships with other members of the committee.

Be fair to everyone, even those who disagree with you.

Never lose your cool in a committee meeting.

Don’t let anyone press your panic button.

Avoid putting other people down.

Don’t get involved in personalities, keep the discussion on issues.

When you feel compelled to disagree, do it diplomatically.

Learn to be completely honest and open.

Remember that most people do not make decisions logically but emotionally.

Never attempt to force your conclusions on other members.

Plan and distribute an agenda in advance.

Start and stop on time.

Turn off electronics 

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