Your Trusted Funeral Celebrant.

Working with families to arrange and plan low-cost services.

Mourning Thymes can officiate your service and assist in selecting a funeral home. We have a diverse understanding of the funeral industry and can direct families to other professionals in the field. Our office is remote but will serve communities with transparency, meticulous care, and constant communication.  

Funeralwise is an online program helping families celebrate life. Families will have the option to select Mourning Thymes as their Plan Guardian and/or Funeral Celebrant. Once families designate us as their Plan Guardian they will also have access to free resources.  Mourning Thymes will provide families a quick and easy way to plan a funeral. Please contact us to get started and have a link emailed to you!

What To Do When Someone Has Died

When someone has passed away loved ones have options when selecting a funeral home.

  • Call the funeral home you made preneed arrangements with.

  • Have the hospital recommend a funeral home.

  • Have family members shop around.


Once a funeral home is selected a funeral director will set up a time to discuss final arrangements, prices, and details. During this time the funeral home will collect vital statistics regarding your loved one, have your loved one transported into their care, and have the NOK sign a release form.  


Who is Legally in Charge When Someone Dies?
While some states make provisions for a designated agent to oversee funeral details, it must be in writing prior to the death to be legal. In some states, the designated agent is at the top of this list. Otherwise, the next-of-kin is responsible for custody and control of the body of a loved one after death. These are the most widely accepted are: 


  1. Spouse

  2. Children (varies; in no particular order, or by majority)

  3. Parents

  4. Siblings

  5. Grandchildren

  6. Grandparents

  7. Nieces/Nephews

  8. Aunts/Uncles

  9. Great Grandchildren

  10. Great Grandparents

What Paperwork Must Be Filed?

  • Medical authorities (attending physician, medical examiner, hospice nurse) are responsible for initiating the death certificate. This may include qualified medical authority who certifies the time of death on the medical portion of the death certificate;

  • The demographic portion may be completed by the next-of-kin or designated agent. 

  • Certified copies of the death certificate will be needed for Social Security, veteran’s benefits, banks, insurance, credit cards, credit report companies, and other purposes.

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